Back in 1995, Starbucks forever changed the American relationship with iced coffee with the introduction of the Frappuccino, a creation more akin to a decadent dessert than a morning caffeine jolt. And yet! Perception, funny thing that it is, resulted in Americans slurping these things down on the daily as if they were any less gluttonous than other fast-food products we’d never dream of consuming so frequently.

Didn’t take too long to realize how wrong we were. Especially when Starbucks starting posting calorie counts. But because calorie counts are generally only mandated by law in states with marginally forward-thinking citizens, the rest of you fatties didn’t have to be reminded every time you stepped up to a Starbucks register what was about to go into your body.

Until now.

As Bloomberg News reports, it looks like Starbucks is going to begin posting calorie counts everywhere. They are doing this because they say it will act as evidence of their commitment to appearing health-conscious:

Starbucks joins other restaurant chains, such as McDonald’s Corp. (MCD), in trying to attract Americans with more transparency around its food.

That’s great! Businesses needing no prompting on the part of an overweight and debt-saddled public to whom they coffee and quasi-coffee ice cream floats are sold, finally doing the right thing, just because it’s right. Right? Well:

The coffee seller has also been trying to make its menu healthier ahead of a pending U.S. health-law mandate that would require eateries with more than 20 locations to list calories.

In other words, not so much, because they were gonna have to do this anyway. Oh well. Means to an end notwithstanding, hopefully this move will make more people realize that a Venti Mocha Frapp is not a daily indulgence, and maybe they’ll stick to, you know, a normal-sized cup of regular coffee.

[via Bloomberg]