Are erotic supper clubs the swinger clubs of today? Back in the day, during the swinging ’70s, you went to a swingers gathering to do a variety of drugs and have sex with a stranger’s wife. Now, according to a story penned by erotic waitress Aurora Wells for NY Mag, you go to a multi-course dinner and eat caviar off someone’s boobs.

Aurora Wells works unpaid as a server at Our Gourmet Life, an erotic supper club in San Francisco. She first became acquainted with the supper club when she attended an Our Gourmet Life dinner as a seated guest. After her memorable experience “watching the servers undress and fondle each other,” she was invited to serve at an upcoming dinner. In her story, titled “My Wild Nights Waitressing at San Francisco’s Sex Supper Club,” she talks about how much fun she ended up having as an erotic waitress. Wells writes:

This gig is me at my wildest; I’m not comfortable at sex or kink parties because I don’t want to make out with 95 percent of the people who usually attend.

Wells initially felt a bit squeamish about working the dinners, but she says she eventually became totally comfortable at the events. The supper club has gotten less rowdy since she first started—there is a “no touching below the waist rule” and the founder and cook, Chris Hubbard, has recently cut back on the amount of alcohol served. But the supper club still gets raunchy:

Between courses, servers are directed to dance, kiss, and touch. Gradually, we dramatically remove each other’s clothing. Like our degree of undress, flirtation with patrons is measured to the menu’s progress: Running appetizers, we may barely touch the guests. In the end, we’re in their laps, feeding them chocolate mousse. The easily distracted eat lightly.

Wells says, “The dinners provide a safe space for women to be sexy.” We say, do what you gotta do.

[via NY Mag]