There’s a weird comparison that is often made between food and small children. Who hasn’t dropped the phrase, “I’m having a food baby,” after going H.A.M. on a massive meal? Okay, maybe you are not actually that disgusting, but deeming a huge meal “the size of a baby” is commonplace. Chipotle and its 1,000-calorie burrito bombs are most often compared to small children, and the chain even has an entire Facebook group dedicated to the notion.

Gordito’s in Seattle has managed to take this comparison to a literal level. The restaurant is so famed for selling burritos the size of babies that it has become tradition for customers to photograph their newborns next to the menu item, proving that the burrito is in fact the actual size of a small child. These pictures are then added to their “baby burrito wall.”  We’re just waiting for someone to recreate the logo.


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