As of this afternoon, mega-retailer Walmart is no longer carrying Paula Deen products: no cookbooks, no cookware, and definitely no “finishing butters.” This comes at the end of an especially brutal day for Deen, which included an already widely mocked appearance on the Today Showa scathing column condemning her racism and her food from Steve Cuozzo, and a split with Caesar’s, which will close the four restaurants it co-operates with Deen.

Paula’s ever-faithful fans, however, have taken to Facebook in protest this latest injustice, alternating between blinding rage and attempts to reason with America’s favorite big-box store. Holding nothing back, Deen’s defenders have posted some truly ridiculous stuff all over Walmart’s social media presence, including accusations of reverse racism and pictures of kittens. Click through the gallery for the highlights of the virtual mob, plus one guy who really feels for Walmart’s social media rep.

[via Business Insider]