We all know Paula Deen was exposed for some unsavory racist remarks last week and promptly dropped from the Food Network. But the saga continues, and the scandal continued to develop over the weekend, spawning yet another humorous hashtag, a video released by Deen thanking Food Network, and various comedy spoofs including a Kristin Wig Paula impersonation from SNL. Let’s get into it:

Mere hours after Food Network declared they would not be renewing Ms. Deen’s contract at the end of the month, she released a statement to the Today Show addressing her termination and thanking the network for 11 “great years.” This was after releasing other bizarre apology videos where she begged for everyone’s forgiveness.

The Twittersphere has been ripe with hashtags mocking Paula and the scandal from the jump. We’re sure you’ve come across a few #PaulasBestDishes ideas and #PaulaDeenApologyBingo boards, but there’s a new hashtag out there: #PaulaDeenTVShows has been created to help Paula figure out a good name for her next show. Some of the best suggestions have to be: “Arrested Black People Development,” “The Back of the Magic School Bus,” and “Two and 3/5 Men”.


Not every one is throwing Deen under the bus though. The New York Times’ Kim Severson filed a story over the weekend about the legions of fans that went to her popular restaurant The Lady and Sons in Savannah, GA to show their support. And on Sunday, Eater reported that the ‘We support paula deen’ Facebook page was up to 226K likes. It’s now up to 291K likes:

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

What’s more, there have been a flood of comedy spoofs mocking the whole ordeal, from dramatic recreations of her various apology videos to Kristen Wiig’s amazing Paula impersonation, which you can watch here:

Last but definitely not least, Taiwanese animators made an ingenious spoof featuring “Paula Deen bathing naked in a hot tub full of butter while the Land O’Lakes mascot drips more butter into her mouth; Paula Deen using a confederate flag as a towel; a Klansmen wedding (inspired by the deposition in which she admitted to both saying the N-word and contemplating a slavery motif for a wedding); and Paula Deen on a spit being cooked by an 86 cake,” reports Eater. We know you want to watch this creepy and amazing video, so here’s it is.

And don’t worry, there’s more to come: Deen will be visiting the Today Show, which she blew off last week to the chagrin of Matt Lauer and the other hosts, for the first post-scandal interview. Should get pretty weird:


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