Ever since allegations of Paula Deen being a full-fledged, N-word spitting racist hit the Internets yesterday afternoon, the web has exploded with at times hilarious, at times uncomfortable memes and tweets about Deen, who in light of the rumors is being mercilessly skewered for her perceived butter-loving, black people-hating, anti-semitic ways.

Yesterday, we brought you the juiciest parts of Deen’s depositions, but we can’t ignore the Internet’s rabid reactions to the debacle. The Twittersphere has exploded, with #PaulasBestDishes trending like wildfire—a couple gems include “Lynchables” and “Ku Klux Klondike Bars.” But there are so many more amazing, artistic, punny sendups of the accused—click through the gallery above to see some of the standouts so far.