It took mere hours for tributes to James Gandolfini and his iconic work as Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano to start proliferating after news of his sudden death from a heart attack broke last night. But moving as pieces like David Remnick’s New Yorker blog post and Brett Martin’s introduction to his longform piece for GQ are, Bloomfield, New Jersey’s Holsten’s ice cream shop has a quieter way of paying its respects.

The site of The Sopranos’ infamous cut-to-black final scene, Holsten’s currently has the location of the clan’s last-ever family member marked off as “Reserved.” Owner Chris Carley praised Gandolfini to the New York Post as a “real regular guy” who treated the staff with respect after fifteen-hour days on set. According to Carley’s daughter, the sign has already attracted crowds to the shop hoping to pay their respects.

[via New York Post]