We all knew that Martha Stewart was all for a little law bending back in 2004 when she was convicted for insider trading, but we had no idea she was this rowdy. Last week, while promoting her new book at the 92nd Street Y, Stewart was interviewed by Bravo TV’s Andy Cohen and not only played a quick game of “Shag, Marry, Kill” featuring Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, and Donald Trump, but also confidently admitted to knowing how to roll a joint. Stewart has quick, precise hands, so it’s really no surprise she can roll up a tight J.

Smoking weed is one thing, but Cohen was looking for more. He featured Stewart on his show, “Watch What Happens Live,” on Wednesday night to briefly talk about Paula Deen, but more importantly to discuss her sex-capades. In the slyly named game, “Did Martha Do It?” Cohen asks the 71-year-old home-ec hero if she has ever sexted, had a one-night-stand, had a threesome, or been with a girl, amongst other things. Mrs. Stewart copped to sexting and having a one-night-stand, denied ever being with a girl, and gave a guilty “maybe” to the three-way query.

All y’all who thought Stewart was just an aging, straight-edge home and lifestyle guru, think again—truth is she would definitely show you up in a game of Never Have I Ever.

Check Stewart talking about her pot prestige above and watch the secret-baring interview here.

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