We’ve all heard the term burrito bomb to describe a football-sized parcel of Tex-Mex goodness, but we never thought they could do any real destruction. Last week, the FBI’s public access number received a threat that a burrito packed with C-4 explosives was going to blow up the Albuquerque FBI field office. Brian Demarco, schizophrenic 50-year-old and Albuquerque native, was staying at a Super 8 motel in his hometown on June 11th when he called the FBI office threatening to send the explosive wrap their way. Demarco was allegedly looking to end up in prison, hoping that the “voices and sounds” would stop in his head. He also claims that the US Government placed a tracking device in his skull and is beaming protons into his head. Demarco is currently in federal custody, and we sure hope he’s able to get rid of those ugly voices.

We couldn’t reach Demarco to get his comments on the whole fiasco, but we are very interested in finding out the intricacies of his C-4 burrito making. Was he planning on using pinto or black beans? White or brown rice? Guac, salsa, or pico de gallo?

Please rest assured that all remains calm in the burrito world, as well as with the FBI.

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