Earlier today, Jamie Oliver posted his list of food words, via Instagram, that he has “banned from the whole world,” including moist, stuffed, and flange. They are apparently words he “really hates.” His friend at Superfantastic Design made him a “beautiful print” of his hated words using nifty typefaces, which he had framed and hung in his office “so they don’t make there way in to any recipes!!” No word on why his list is so porn-y—perhaps he was disturbed by this video of his many unwitting euphemisms on TV.

At the end of his photo caption, Jamie asked, “Anyway, what words do you guys hate??”

Well, yes, Mr. Oliver, thanks for asking—there are many words we loathe. We loathe them so much we too wanted a beautifully designed poster listing words which we hope will never make their way into any of our—or, more likely, other people’s—writing. Check out the remix, which lists our hated words, including pillowy, buzzy, and unctuous, which make us want to upchuck every time they appear on a blog or in a piece of journalism (and they make us hate ourselves when we realize how many times we’ve let them slip past).

Thank god we all have the power now to ban words from the entire world.