The New Yorker—in a stroke of pure genius—has crafted an interactive map illustrating the rise of craft beer. The map offers a detailed overview of the American craft-beer industry, including national, state, and brewery-specific data. The stats are based on newly released 2012 figures gathered by the Brewers Association.

Here are some fascinating stats we unearthed after messing around with the interactive beer map for way too long:

  • California is ranked number one in craft beer production—the state produced 2,453,793 barrels in 2012. The second highest ranked state is Pennsylvania, which produced 1,626,116 barrels last year.
  • Vermont, the state with the most breweries per person in the country, has one brewery for every 25,000 residents. Oregon ranks second with one brewery for every 27,322 people.
  • In terms of total beer production, Boston Beer Co. (Samuel Adams) is ranked numero uno among the 50 largest craft breweries in the country. The brewery produced 2,125,000 barrels in 2012.
  • Sierra Nevada is the brewery with the second highest production in the country. The brewery produced 966,007 barrels in 2012.
  • The fastest growing brewery is Nashville’s Blackstone Brewery, with an 1190% growth rate from 2011 to 2012.
  • Alabama saw the most production growth from 2011 to 2012, with a 672% increase in production. Expect that trend to continue now that the state has finally legalized homebrewing.

In addition to all the intesting data points, there’s a tab that maps all the breweries that opened in 2012.

[via The New Yorker]