We all know that there are gross, gross things that happen behind the scenes in restaurant kitchens. In fact, they probably happen more often than we’d like to believe, at all echelons of the food world, but the ol’ “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy keeps most of us from obsessing too much about it. Sadly, the age of social media doesn’t jibe too well with that philosophy, and every so often, we see something we wish we could un-see.

The latest in the annals of disgusting fast-food acts is the exceedingly odd photo above, which was posted to Taco Bell’s Facebook page yesterday. It depicts a Taco Bell employee licking a large stack of taco shells for no apparent reason. It is not quite as foul as last year’s photo of an employee allegedly urinating onto some nachos (turned out it was Mountain Dew), but it still brings up a lot of questions—most importantly, if you’re going to lick some shells, why would you not lick the more delicious Doritos Tacos Locos shells, dude?! For that lack of common sense, you deserved to get caught.