RAIL is an idea so simple we’re shocked no one’s thought of it yet: Created by Washington startup Viableware, it’s a portable device that allows diners to pay their checks, calculate tips, and split the total via touchscreen “in 20 seconds or less,” according to Viableware CEO Joseph Snell. That means no awkward hand motions trying to get your waiter’s attention, no breaking down totals in ball pen on the back of the check, and no whipping out the iPhone to calculate what 15% of $42.37 is. Ever again.

Of course, before RAIL can change our lives forever, it’s got to catch on first. According to CNN, the device is being tested by big-name brands like American Express, PayPal, and P.F. Chang’s; RAIL costs restaurants $200 a pop, but may be worth it for the time it saves both servers and diners. Viableware’s raised over $6 million in venture capital so far, but RAIL’s still a long way away from showing up at your local TGI Friday’s. Until then, continue giving slow waiters the side-eye.

[via CNN]