Cultish West Coast burger chain In-N-Out has long had the off-menu specials game on lock with its incredibly customizable and not-so-secret secret menu. But it turns out out the the infamous “Animal-style” (mustard-cooked beef patty, pickles, special sauce, and grilled onions) is just the tip of the tricking-out-your-patty iceberg.

Following a trail of whispers on Twitter, the folks at Foodbeast went on a quest to explore the latest insider In-N-Out order: a “Monkey-style” burger. Apparently, this involves a burger stuffed with Animal-style fries (i.e., fries topped with melted cheese, special sauce, and grilled onions)—a.k.a., heaven in a sandwich.

Watch the video above to see what happens when the Foodbeast squad hit up a local outpost of In-N-Out and asked for a Monkey-style burger.

[via Foodbeast]