People who are really into condiments, rejoice: Griffin Hammond, an Illinois-based filmmaker, will release his documentary about Sriracha this fall. At this point, Hammond doesn’t have much footage to leak to Rooster Sauce lovers, but he is in the midst of filming and interviewing some key players in the Srirachasphere.

Among said experts are Randy Clemens, author of The Sriracha Cookbook, and Tyler Raineri, the Illinois State University student who thought up Siriracha-flavored potato chips (someone get this kid a Nobel Peace Prize). On his website, Hammond professes that “the highlight [of his trip to L.A. visiting several culinary experts] will be touring Huy Fong Foods, where the popular brand of Sriracha is produced.”

This documentary, if done well, could be an entertaining and illuminating history of the popular condiment, which is shrouded in all sorts of misinformation. Regardless, be sure to stock up on Sriracha snacks and wear your Huy Fong t-shirt to the theater when you go see it opening night.

[via The Huffington Post]