Remember the glazed donut breakfast sandwich that Dunkin’ Donuts just launched a couple weeks ago? That monstrosity, along with the McDonald’s McGriddle, seem to have gotten together in a back alley and birthed the new Jack in the Box “Big Waffle Stack.”

The recently debuted sandwich brings together two eggs, sausage, ham, American cheese, and bacon between two “lightly sweetened, toasted maple waffles.” The waffles stand in for the standard bun or English muffin in Jack in the Box’s breakfast sandwich variation, and they appear awfully similar in concept to “soft, warm griddle cakes” that replace the carb component in the McGriddle.

It’s unclear whether the syrup crystals are injected directly into the waffles, as they were for the McGriddle pancakes, but this whole breakfast-food-as-bun trend seems to be having a second life (Taco Bell has also launched a waffle sandwich).

All of these chains need to stop pirating each other’s mediocre bun-replacing ideas and create actual revolutionary menu items in the spirit of fast-food visionary Tom Ryan (who, incidentally, invented McGriddles). Also, it would be best if Jack in the Box just stuck to its laurels and exclusively made awesome 99-cent crunchy beef gringo-style tacos.

[via HuffPo]