Forget rosé and artisan chocolate tastings—this is one taste test we were really excited to see go down. For Rolling Stone‘s weed issue, Wiz Khalifa and Wavves’ Nathan Williams faced off in a battle of the strongest space cakes. The pair make perfect judges, considering Khalifa says that “on a regular day I can probably smoke a whole ounce to myself,” and Williams wake and bakes on the reg.

The duo tasted seven of the strongest edible confections they could find, including OG Cake Pops, OG Chocolate-Rice Krispies Bars, Melt in Your Mind Pecan Pies, ODM Butterscotch Bars, Rosebud Weed Pretzels, Cannabis Caramel Corn, and mint Med-Strips.

“I ended up recording five songs—hooks, verses, ideas—all thanks to the weed treats.”—Wiz Khalifa

The verdict? Williams loves the OG Cake Pops, professing, “I would eat it regularly if I could. I went to bed and woke up the next morning still high.” Wiz loves the pops as well, but when he snacked on the OG Butterscotch Bar he “ended up recording five songs – hooks, verses, ideas – all thanks to the weed treats.” Apparently, all you have to do to keep those flows fresh and rhymes tight is stash a couple OG Bars in your desk drawer.

Now for some other marijuana-infused confections we wish were on the market, apropos of nothing except this post about dudes eating a bunch of THC-laced treats:

[via Rolling Stone]