We’ve brought you a lot of great food-themed Tumblrs to dig into, but let’s not beat around the bush: Sports Cheeses is making a strong case for G.O.A.T. status. Shout out to Foodbeast for bring our attention to this project, which involves mashing up nostalgia-inducing sportswear brands (Fila, Diadora, Le Coq Sportif) and international cheeses, all with an eye towards punning glory.

Other reasons this Tumblr wins: 1) The homepage is set up to look like an old-school PC; 2) It is British; 3) You can buy a “bRiebok” t-shirt; and 4) There is a photo of Jamie Oliver repping said “bRiebok” t-shirt.

Other Tumblrs, you’ve been put on notice. And Sports Cheese—please make us a pair of Nike Gruyere Maxes. Thanks.

Click through the gallery above to see our favorite sportwear-cheese mashups. All photos courtesy of Sports Cheeses.