People get quite nostalgic for the America of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and drive-in movies. While while pop culture may seem like it was experiencing a golden era back then, the country’s food culture was beyond bizzare. ¬†With the rise of processed foods and an obsession with time-saving techniques, the era produced a mind-blowing amount of sandwich cakes and jellied salads.

For a closer look at this epoch in American eating, look no further than¬†Kooky Chow Tumblr. Started by Bryan Ballinger, the author of Kooky Cookery, this Tumblr is an epic collection of “retro absurdity and awesome foodstuffs.” He’s posts everything from funny vintage food advertisements, to absurd recipes and the occasional hilarious album cover. While technically this is an “Eat This Tumblr”, we highly recommend not trying any of the dishes shown above. We bet that even these Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joes are a million times better than recipes like cream cheese frosted sandwich cake and Spam with lima beens.

Click through the gallery above to see pictures of foods we hope never make a comeback. All photos courtesy of Kooky Chow.