For over a year, Andrew J. Small has been balancing food on his Staffordshire Terrier and American bulldog mix named Tiger. Tiger’s obedience and profound talent are, simply put, unbelievable. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking a baguette, hot dog links, or spaghetti—Tiger can effortlessly balance any food item on her snout with precision. In each photo, the adorable canine displays a deep expression that is a divine combination of pride, wonderment, and meditation.

Tiger has racked up quite the following over the past year, with over 15,000 likes on her Facebook page, as well as three graphic T-shirt designs inspired by her blog (available for purchase at Small claims that Tiger eats most of the food after balancing it on her head, unless it’s not safe, in which case she receives a treat. Recently, Tiger has been looking for new challenges, so she started doing a monthly series of different regional cuisines. You can check out her Japanese series on the blog now. Small insists that none of the pictures are photoshopped, and promises that he “will give Tiger love, attention, kisses, and belly rubs from all her fans.”

Click through the gallery to see Tiger’s most impressive balancing acts. All photos courtesy of Food On My Dog