Cook It Raw is a series of events where big name avant garde chefs (think René Redzepii, Albert Adrià, Alex Atala) come together to “create unique dining experiences that explore and question social, cultural, and environmental issues”—and, praise Yeezus, it turns out it has its own Tumblr. What it reveals is that beyond the manifesto, Cook It Raw is really superchefs meeting up in amazing international locales like Collio, Italy or Lapland and making insane dishes from strange ingredients.

The resulting Tumblr (and book) are filled with stunning photographs of dishes like “tortellini of reindeer blood, reindeer heart, puffed barley, and light lingonberry broth”—the result of a collaboration of Alex Atala, Hans Valimaki, and Frederik Andersson. The food itself might not be entirely approachable, but it sure is pretty.

Click through the gallery above for more pictures of the most beautiful dishes you will probably never cook or eat. All pictures courtesy of Cook It Raw.

If you’ve never seen it before, you should also definitely watch the episode of No Reservations where Anthony Bourdain goes to Cook It Raw: Japan.