Fittingly for a company that was just bought out by Yahoo, Tumblr is home to more and more big brands these days. The latest to join up is Bisquick, the instant pancake mix most people associate with a ten-year-old box in the back of the pantry they never quite manage to use. Though it’s not quite at Denny’s level yet, Bisquick is proving to be pretty good at this whole social media thing: its blog is a nice mix of original content and reblogs, combining humor and food porn under the banner of all things pancake.

Officially called “For the Love of Pancakes” and “powered” by Bisquick, the blog is divided into four tags: “Pancake Runway,” or gorgeous shots of particularly delicious-looking short stacks; “Pancake Artists,” which spotlights fans who get creative with their breakfast carbs; “Memory Lane,” for vintage Bisquick ads straight out of early Mad Men; and “Mancakes,” Bisquick’s Feminist Ryan Gosling-esque collages of hot guys, pancakes, and innuendo-laden captions. Awesome food, crafts, nostalgia, and sex appeal: this blog’s got it all—next, it just needs to get on Taco Bell’s level and start using SnapChat to galvanize the country.

Amazingly, despite the Tumblr triumph, Bisquick does not appear to be on Twitter. Weird move—but that kind of makes the random success of this Tumblr even better.

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