With everywhere from baseball stadiums to bowling alleys getting serious about food these days, it was only a matter of time before someone set out to upgrade the state of strip club dining. The owner of No. 5 Orange, an all-nude gentlemen’s club in Vancouver, recently unveiled a revamped menu with the help of Vancouver chef Stuart Irving, featuring all locally sourced meats and breads, reports Eater. After going locavore, No. 5 Orange has “more than doubled” food sales—apparently, an easy way for strip club owners to improve their bottom line is to bring in some good nosh.

How did the chef get involved? Irving said he used to take his staff from Cobre Kitchen to the strip club as a sort of “mid-day reward,” describing the No. 5 as being “a cozy home away from home.” So when No. 5’s manager asked him to help with a new menu, he jumped at the proposition.

While some folk may be disgusted by the very thought of eating in a strip club (or going to strip clubs, for that matter), it can be a major draw for regulars. Indeed, in many parts of the South, where strip club are more deeply ingrained in nightlife culture, great wings often get as much attention as the ladies onstage—just check the infinite rap references to lemon-pepper variety at Magic City in Atlanta for evidence.

Intrigued by the cult status of a messy finger-food in an adults-only setting, we asked some rappers to explain the appeal a few months back (yes, these are the types of things we do with our free time). Common made it clear that in his strip club-going days, he was always drawn to the spots that served above-average food. 

From my experience, the strip clubs (the one in Detroit, Chocolate City), they had great chicken wings and fries. The wings were seasoned right, fried right, the greasy unhealthy food that is good.

Also, I’ve been to Onyx in Houston that has incredible fish and shrimp. They have seasoned fries that have soul. The foods you get in strip clubs, in my experience, have soul. The kitchen puts their foot in it. The strip clubs have soulful chefs. That is what it is. It makes sense in the business. They provide good food.—Common

Meanwhile, rapper Juicy J told us he likes Cheetahs in Atlanta for its five-star restaurant, though he said he usually avoids food at strip joints (presumably because the food is sub-par).

I haven’t ate a chicken wing at a strip club in a minute. I usually go in and pop a few champagne bottles and throw some money. Cheetahs in Atlanta has some pretty good food, they have a 5-star restaurant in there and sell pretty much everything.—Juicy J

Strip club owners need to be aware that they can up their profit and attract clientele if they give the food that they’re serving a little thought and attention. Even in the presence of naked women, people can’t help but think with their stomachs.

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