If you’re as interested in what restaurants look like as how good the food is, there’s no better source for tracking stunning restaurant and bar interiors from around the world than Dezeen Magazine, an architecture and design blog with an eye for cool food-world project.

Trolling through the recent archives, you’ll find a Viennese cocktail bar where the “ceiling is inspired by the mountain landscapes of traditional Chinese paintings,” and a pizzeria “where diners can climb into wooden booths modelled on railway carriages.” Click into the featured photos on Dezeen’s website, and you will find even more stunning design details from each bar and restaurant, with insights into the people and ideas behind the spaces.

There’s something remarkably calming about looking at these immaculate interiors. Thanks to Dezeen for bringing us a little Zen on a Friday afternoon.

Click through the gallery above to see 20 gorgeous restaurant and bar interiors around the world. All photos via Dezeen.