Just in case your eclairs were feeling a little down market, you can now feast on designer eclairs courtesy of Lacoste and French luxury food retailer, Fauchon. In celebration of Lacoste’s 80th anniversary, the pastry collaboration features Lacoste’s signature colors, patterns, and trademark alligator in edible form.

These bougie desserts will be available starting June 17 for a limited time only. The fillings for the eclairs go beyond just the standard vanilla pastry cream, with green tea, almond, lemon, and strawberry varieties available for purchase as well. At €7 (about $9.30) a piece and €28 (about $37) for a box of four (more expensive than Cronuts?!), these might be some of the priciest eclairs on the market. On the flip side—these are probably the most affordable Lacoste item on the market today.

[via Fauchon]