Here at FWF we’ve extensively covered where food and fashion meet (and occasionally fail). From chef designed meat socks to a collection of ice cream inspired boxers, we thought we’d seen it all. So when we stumbled upon the Here! Sod line of food t-shirts we were more than pleasantly surprised. The shirts themselves are alright and not all that noteworthy (seriously, who want’s a cabbage print around their neckline?), but the packaging, created by Prompt Design, is quite memorable and completely badass. Since the packaging is made to look like the food item printed on the shirt itself—e.g., the “Pork” shirt is wrapped in the same deli packaging used in the butcher’s section of a supermarket—your next trip to the mall may look more like a trip to the grocery store. Click through the gallery above to check out the various packaging designs. 

[via Dezeen]