In part one of his interview on Complex TV’s The Combat Jack Show, Action Bronson explains how he got into cheffing, what makes a good chef, and his favorite dish to eat when he’s out—which happens to be the bone marrow and octopus fusilli at Marea (which the rapper says he could have “cured 20 cancer patients with.”) Watching Action talk about eating the pasta at Marea is like watching a small child reminisce about a trip to the zoo.

In maybe the greatest moment of the interview, Dallas Penn comments, “I feel like Action would be the best restaurant critic hip hop has ever known.” Apparently, others would like to see the New York Times appoint Bronson as its next restaurant critic, not just us.

Read below for full a recap of the magic that happens when Action starts talking food on the show:

Reggie Ossé: How did you get into cheffing, man?

Action: You know, being fat my entire life and my grandmother and my mother being cooks. That’s just how it goes, man. You learn how to fucking cook.

Reggie Ossé: What makes a good chef?

Action: Passion, understanding, understanding of your ingredients and the land, and the air, and the water.

Dallas Penn: I feel like action could be the best restaurant critic hip hop has ever known.

Action: That would be—you know, it would definitely work.

Reggie OsséWhat’s your favorite meal to go to a restaurant and have?

Action: I had a meal recently with fuckin’ Big Body. We were filming one of our things and we went to Marea, Michael White’s flagship. One of the best restaurants in NYC, period.  And he made this fucking pasta with bone marrow, octopus—we could have cured 20 cancer patients with my pasta dish.

Reggie OsséDallas mentioned earlier that one of your idols is Kool G Rap. You actually met Kool G in your father’s restaurant.

Action: He did a video for All of My Life with the first joint that came out on Rawkus, and he did that video at my father’s restaurant.