Paula Deen’s empire is crumbling. And there’s a market in that.

Between Home Depot and Wal-Mart canceling orders of her product lines (which will soon only be available at Ingles porch sales and the occasional Klan rally canteen everywhere) and her blubbering, painful Today show apology, the jig is up for Deen.

But as was inevitably the case, some entrepreneurs with creative streaks—or rather, some creative types with entrepreneurial streaks—have taken it upon themselves to sieze the moment and really play the market for those in the backlash-to-the-backlash phase of Paula Deen apologists.

Take the above painting for example. “THE LADY & SONS” by one Gregory Myrick (per his eBay page: “Medium: PAINTINGS, Style: Realism”) is going for the low, low price of $234,442. Now, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that this eBay posting was last updated on December 15, 2012, and he’s been trying to sell this painting for at least $5,000 since 2005. But thanks to the, uh, art market that Myrick participates in, he’s decided to lower the bargain discount price of $3,999, as he notes in a new listing: “worth buying to vent your feelings for her to spiton [sic].”

Other glorious Deen memorabilia on eBay includes a Paula Deen butter pendant, and a shitton of her furniture lines people are trying to sell for far above market value. But that’s not all.

The wellspring of awkward psychological projection taking the form of craft arts that is Etsy does not disappoint:

– A much cheaper painting of Deen goes for only $68,
– While this infinitely terrifying not-voodoo doll of Deen can haunt your children and scare any racist impulses right the fuck out of them for a mere $43 sheckles.
– Jewelry celebrating Deen as The Butter Fairy? Why not.
– A penciling of a young woman being seduced by Deen with sticks of butter? $13.
– And if there’s a better reason to keep your earlobes whole for the rest of your days these, we have yet to see it.

It’s hard to tell if these artifacts present a more compelling case for Deen as an unfortunate pop culture icon turned racist-ass martyr, or for Etsy and eBay as one of the greatest holding pens on the Internet for the kind of excavation-ready deep-dig into the psyches of otherwise “normal” people that the assemblers of the DSM only dream about herding into case studies.

It’s probably a pretty close call.