As the June 18 release date for Yeezus approaches, Kanye fever has hit an all-time high, spurred on this week by the first official listening party for the album and Jon Caramanica’s mind-boggling interview in the New York TimesWhile no CDQ tracks have leaked (yet), there’s been no shortage of new music from Kanye—at the Governors Ball, projected onto buildings, on late-night TV, and so on.

As listeners and critics grapple with the new material, one line that has emerged as one of the insta-memes of the album comes from “I Am God”:

I am a god / So hurry up with my damn massage / At a French ass restaurant / Hurry up with my damn croissants

One reason the line has stuck is because it represents classic Kanye ridiculousness, and it’s fun to imagine him sitting in a restaurant during one of his Paris sojourns shouting, “Where my pastries at, garçon?!” But there’s also the obvious fact that a lot of people have never heard a rapper say croissants before—or at least, not that they were aware of.

As self-appointed food rap historians, we decided to look back through the hip-hop archives for evidence of other buttery pastry lyrics. Kanye may have set many trends, but it turns out that dropping French pastry references isn’t one of them. No worries, Yeezy—you can still be the first rapper to mention Cronuts.

Click through the gallery above to see 10 rappers who rapped about croissants before Yeezus (and listen to the tracks).