Do you sometimes just sit there staring at the word quinoa, trying to figure out how to pronounce it? We won’t judge.

Thankfully, the hilarious YouTube channel Pronunciation Manual posts videos on how to say words in English. Only the words are horribly, horribly mispronounced. This is most definitely not helping people learn English who stumble upon the videos when searching “how to pronounce Chipotle.”

Regardless, we’re huge fans of the YouTube channel, so we decided to round up our 10 favorite mispronunciations. Click on the links below to hear them yourself. Then practice the pronunciations, go eat at a “Shhhhhhon-tootle” and order a “Ka-coke-eh-na-kwo-ah” burrito with a glass of “Choot-a-noofa-doopy-poopie.”

Bolognese: bo-lowg-nay-a-zee

Châteauneuf-du-Pape: Choot-a-noofa-doopy-poopie

Chipotle: Shhhhhhon-tootle

Phở: Uhhh…It’s soup, noodles…It’s soup!

Croissant: Corsage-n-tuh

Rutabaga: runt-a-ba-go-gon-googins

Guinness: Goncheees (followed by Luck of the Irish-style blabber)

Cabernet Sauvignon: Curr-un-tits-au-vig-a-non

Gnocchi: Ga-noke-a-thin-chee

Quinoa: Ka-coke-eh-na-kwo-ah