Just weeks after Universal Studios gave visitors real-life versions of the Simpsons’ favorite local haunts, the rumor mill tells Theme Park Insider that Disney may be opening a brick-and-mortar location of the Mos Eisley Cantina from Star Wars: A New Hope (known as the place where Luke met Han Solo while an all-alien band played the most insanely catchy theme of the entire series). Nothing’s for sure yet—Disney’s denying that they’ve got any new announcements to make, let alone any comment on a potential Star Wars bar—but the franchise’s ever-rabid fan base is already psyched.

If adapting fictional restaurants into real-life concepts is the latest trend, though, the source material goes way beyond the small town of Springfield or even the galaxies of the Star Wars universe. For any prospective entrepreneurs out there, we thought of a few hypothetical restaurants that hopefully won’t stay that way. Click through for a survey of fictional restaurants that have serious potential in real life.