There are plenty of chefs that have expanded their business empires past the confines of their restaurants. Wolfgang Puck, Gordon Ramsay, and  Guy Fieri have all come out with successful cookware lines. Many major chefs have channeled their cooking abilities into cookbooks and their own signature wines. Chris Cosentino, however, wants to make socks.

Cosentino, chef/owner of Incanto in SF, might be the reigning king of offal, but his possible foray into fashion is well… a different kind of awful. He has submitted designs to Betabrand as part of his “Carnivore Collection.” One of the submissions is a design for a pair of Chef’s Jeans which include a pocket for Sharpie markers and a thoughtful “vented crotch area.” You can wear these jeans over a pair of Butcher’s Briefs, which have frightening lines detailing the multiple cuts of man.

But the star of the collection is clearly the Meat Feet Socks. They are literally socks that are printed to look like slices of Mortadella, Sopressata, and Prosciutto. We’re fans of wearing our love for our favorite foods boldly (see these sweatshirts), but meat socks might be pushing it too far.

While his first endeavor with Betabrand resulted in the relatively clever and fashionable Gluttony Pants, we can probably add the rest of his collection to the list of questionable food and fashion collaborations.

[via Eater]