Keeping up with the addled New York City dining scene is hard enough, even when you don’t insist on going to El Cantinero every Monday night for half-priced fajitas. Sometimes, you’ve got make a serious effort to stay apace: save some money, set some priorities, make even make some damn reservations.

With that in mind, here’s our attempt to make some dining and drinking goals for the month (much better than Nike Fuelband goals), and to share the chefs, restaurants, and watering holes we’re excited about right now.

This month, it’s clear from the list that, much as we’re loathe to admit it, we are some serious hypebeasts, ready to throw ‘bows into some of the city’s hottest dining rooms. But that’s what NYC is all about—joining the scrum on one night, then returning to the simple comforts of hot dogs on the street corner the next. Where are you excited to eat this month?

Click through the gallery above to see the restaurants and bars on our radar right now.