As we all learned from watching episodes of Cribs, there’s no better way to assess someone’s lifestyle than by peeking into their fridge. On the MTV show, the stash generally consisted of a lot of Gatorade and champagne. But if you look at the food in the household of regular folks who don’t have personal chefs, it can tell you a lot about their finances and their nutrition.

In his book The Hungry Planet, Peter Menzel studied 30 families around the globe to provide a snapshot of the “food gulf between nations,” showing both the diversity of diet and the vast differences in price from place to place—a week’s worth of groceries costs £200 in Japan, £25 in India, and £46 in Guatamela, for example. Photos were taken of the families, alongside their weekly haul, to show first-hand what these differences look like.

Check out some examples above, then head to the Daily Mail for more.