Vine, the newest player in the social media game, allows users to create six second looping videos on their iPhones. Although it was launched by social media mega giant Twitter, Vine is taking its time to catch on with the masses. The food-world is just beginning to embrace and explore the possibilities it has to offer.

As with Instagram, there’s already an excruciating amount of awful-looking food, and the constant loop can be a bit seizure-inducing. Thankfully, magazines such as Bon Appetit and brands such as Bacardi have managed to utilize Vine to create high-end content, such as a six-second recipe series. But recipe demonstrations are just the beginning of the usefulness of the app—Vine is a great platform on which to showcase courses of a meal, specials of the night, and behind-the-scenes antics of the restaurant world.

So far, a small handful of trailblazing chefs, food personalities, restaurants, and food companies have started to explore the possibilities of Vine. Check ’em out right here.