If you’re not acquainted with the Kanye Chef Tumblr, it’s time to get familiar. Why? Because it is your essential source for Kanye lyrics remixed to be about food, Kanye album covers remixed to be about food, and Kanye memes remixed to be about food. Essential.

For example, here’s what “Amazing” would sound like if it was about cooking:

I’ve Been Glazin’

I’ve been glazin’
That’s the reason
That the oven’s fired up this evenin’

I’m exhausted
Can’t stop eatin’
Holdin’ on to my spicy seasonin’

No matter what they’ll never take food from me
Food stains is as large as your eyes can see

And here’s “No Church in the Wild” as “No Dessert in the Wild”:

Beating eggs for a flan
What’s a flan to a cake?
What’s a cake to a pie?
What’s a pie to a plates of waffles with apple compote and whip cream?
Will he bake it out alive, egg white, egg white

The Tumblr has gone quiet since last spring, but with all the excitement surrounding this weekend’s new music and the forthcoming Yeezus album, we sincerely hope for a comeback. Can we get a Cheezus cover? And some lyrics for “New Lay’s,” about the sriracha flavor? And something about “Black Skinheads” that we can’t think of right now?!

Fingers crosses. Praise Yeezus.

Click through the gallery above to see highlights from Kanye Chef.

[via Foodbeast]