All photos and GIFs by Liz Barclay (@liz_barclay)

Keeping up with the burger game in NYC is a full-time sport—in just the past seven days, we’ve seen the makings of a Asian-inspired burger truck, and heard about about five new late-night burger specials we need to try. And that’s just an average week.

High rents ensure that just about every restaurant creates a burger to lure in punters and bolster the bottom line, but many chefs are competitive and ambitious enough to take the task seriously. Meanwhile, the landscape continues to evolve, with newcomers storming the scene in every category (Shake Shack challengers, high-end steakhouse burgers, and so on) and some classics losing their luster—Corner Bistro has been way off the mark in recent experience, and so far the Greenwich Village spinoff of Burger Joint has been erratic, suggesting that maybe it’s been propped up by the alluring secrecy of the original location.

To save you the artery-clogging work of finding the new contenders that can hang with the old standard-bearers, we’ve been on a monthlong burger bender to discover the best patties that have hit menus in the past 12 months. And to show you the techniques that make them shine, we made some very graphic GIFs along the way.

Enter at your own risk—here are our 10 ten favorite new burgers in NYC, with GIFs that might turn you into a slobbering, stammering lunatic.