Sous-vide steak with parmesan foam, dehydrated potatoes, and creamed-spinach spheres used to be a dish that could only be found in the most avant-garde restaurants. Yet slowly but surely the techniques from these high-end gastronomy laboratories are trickling down into other parts of the food world. The next stop? Your home kitchen.

Thanks to the lessons of Modernist Cuisine, you already know how to sous-vide hot dogs at home. And now, with the Easy Kit from Albert and Ferran Adrià, you can spherify a refrigerator’s worth of food too. Launched by the Spanish brothers in conjunction with Guzmán Gastronomía and Solegraells, the Easy Kit is available in four versions, covering not just spherification but also “Cuisine,” “Patisserie,” “Cocktail.” Each kit comes with all the ingredients (think xantham gum) one would need for progressive cooking, along with necessary tools such as tweezers and syringes, and recipes for dishes like campari air.

The home-cooking game has come a long way from the 1950’s housewife nuking a frozen meal, or concocting strange jellied salads. With a recent surge in ambitious DIY project, these kits—now available online—will help you kick your dinner-party game up to the next level. For less than a Benjamin you could be the hautest cook on the block.

[via Eater]