NYC’s Arrested Development fanatics went collectively ape shit last week when news emerged that a replica of the Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana stand from the show would be setting up shop outside of Radio City Music Hall today. We were way too lazy to go up there, so instead we cyberstalked the line via Instagram and Twitter, fighting off waves of self-hatred as we vaguely considered jacking someone’s shot and Photoshopping ourselves into it.

Anyway, the only thing we really garnered is that Arrested Development fans don’t play around—Immaculate Infatuation’s Andrew Steinthal was in the mix just before noon, and he estimated that the line was at least 750 people deep (the stand was open from 11am-6pm). Other than that, we basically just saw a lot of tweets that looked like this—the set up was just too easy:

And others that looked like this:

Oddly, not much on how the treat actually tastes.

The frozen-treat kiosk is currently on a world tour in anticipation of the Arrested Development season premier on May 26. Follow @ArrestedDev to track it progress and see if it’s coming to your city.