If you’ve ever shimmied down a narrow staircase at the back of a restaurant, bursting at the seams from one too many water refills, then you know how crucial a quality, easily accessible bathroom can be when you’re dining out. Unfortunately, the state of the johns is a bit of a taboo topic in critical reviews, unless they involve some sort of art installation or other novelty. For those in the Bay Area, Table and Throne doesn’t shy away from reality. The Tumblr specializes in snarky reviews that covers both sides of the food experience (you know, going in and coming out…sorry).

Beside category-driven analysis of the grub, the author details the particulars of restaurant commodes. Some have bad toilet paper—a “pet peeve” at spots kicking out spicy fare. Only nine posts have been penned to date, but the idea has merit and we’re left thinking: What could we learn about our hometown favorites by employing this double-up approach to criticism?

[via SF Weekly]