Calling all cooks: Are you feisty, prone to nervous breakdowns, and quick to drag up past troubles in light of a new challenge? MTV has an opportunity for you.

The network that pioneered youth-driven reality TV is working with Doron Ofir Casting to find amateur cooking enthusiasts (bakers, grillers, etc.) to compete for a job at a top restaurant. The proposed show will offer mentorship from well-known food professionals and, of course, the contestants will all live under the same roof. Sounds familiar, right? Let’s just hope they don’t go to Subway as many times as the Real World cast.

Needless to say, this move has already garnered some eye-rolls on Twitter. Bizarre Foods Andrew Zimmern kicked things off with bit of snark:

If the stars align properly, though, the show could more accurately replicate the glory of Making the Band, yielding a cache of alumni who take to World Star in chopper suits, or shill celebrity-endorsed booze in bikinis.

Less skeptical than we are? Try your hand at entering the hot plate ringed circus here. Remember, every Top Chef started at the bottom.

[via Eater]