Fourty ounces of Kobe beef. Slices of garlic-roasted prime rib. Braised short ribs. Stacks on stacks on stacks…harnessed by focaccia (bad choice). Those are the makings of the $100 “Carving Board Burger,” currently on offer at Preview in Bally’s Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Yes, it’s outrageous—the type of thing that happens when mooks get into Epic Meal Time. The monstrous sandwich has been concocted under the guise of “Burger Month,” and rather than deserving the Guy Fieri-inspired “off-the-hook” moniker that The Daily Meal honors it with, the burger is symptomatic of casino excess extending into the dining room.

Perhaps Bally’s is poking fun at the nearby Revel, A.C.’s colossal failure of a new hotel, which just ousted Central Michel Richard in favor of an economical eatery (after, of course, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy). Or perhaps Bally’s knows that Jersey gamblers would rather splash out a C-note on a potentially hilarious Facebook post—”Look! I’m eating a $100 burger”—than experience anything approaching haute cuisine. Or, maybe, this is a sandwich that should have us debating just exactly what constitutes a burger.

Either way, the “Carving Board Burger” achieve little beyond eliciting a “WTF!?!?” reaction. I’d rather drive the 50 minutes from Bally’s to the nearest Nifty Fifty’s.

[via The Daily Meal]