The most famous deli in NYC (sorry, Carnegie) still has a healthy dose of old New York charm. The latest chapter in the 125-year history of Katz’s is a brilliantly funny funny five-minute short detailing a day in the life of “The Last Jewish Waiter.”

The conceit: David Manheim hates his job. He complains about the ticket system, customer requests, and the fact that everyone in the building believes he’s “some rich, privileged jew.” Introducing the characters that inhabit the space—notably the meat cutters—Manheim explains that “everything here is a pain in the ass.”

For what its worth, he seems like the real pain in the ass. “My job is incredibly aggravating and exhausting,” he says. Max Folkawitz of Serious Eats notes, smartly, that “Welcome to My Hell” is “part audition tape, part Yiddish jeremiad.” And, that’s what makes it great. It’s story of teasing WASPs (and other visitors), and in so doing expressing exactly what keeps Katz’s unique.

Manheim wants a talk show. Watch “Welcome to My Hell” and assess whether he can cut the mustard or not.

[via Serious Eats]