Get the Claritin out, because spring has sprung and outdoor drinking weather is here to stay. Whether you plan on spending the weekend with mommy dearest or trying to snag a ticket to see The Great Gatsby, catch up on this week’s best booze stories.

1) 20 bottles of spring wines for less than $20. Fine wines don’t have to have a hefty price tag. The chart is loaded with great wine recommendations that won’t make your wallet weep just thinking about them. Treat yourself—and maybe even someone you like—to a bottle or two. [NY Times]

2) What they were actually drinking in the age of Gatsby. Not much is revealed in the pages of the great novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald about what the characters were actually drinking, aside from the occasional mention of whiskey and a Gin Rickey. explores what people were drinking during the Jazz Age, including classics like the French 75 and Dry Martinis. []

3) Home-brewing is now legal in all 50 states. Alabama was in danger of being the only state in which it was illegal for people to home-brew. The state legislature finally realized that they were being idiots and made the hobby legal. Amurrica. [NPR]

4) The newest frontier in cocktails is… water. The humble liquid, water, was once relegated to the plebeian ice cube. Now bartenders want to put water in the cocktail spotlight. [Tasting Table]

5) Yale Law School has a wine team. Seriously. They are apparently really good. So good that they are off to an international wine competition being held in Bourdeaux between universities across the globe. All of the team members had to make it through a rigorous tryout. [The Wall Street Journal]