What is the world to do with Skrillex—the man behind an endless stream of annoyingly catchy EDM music and the catalyst for an awful haircut pandemic? Create a Tumblr devoted to awesomely bad Photoshopped pictures of Skrillex cooking, obviously.

Cooking with Skrillex is a fantastic collection of images featuring the musician doing everything from remixing pizzas and salads on stage, to having a cooking showdown with Deadmau5’s culinary alterego, Cookiemau5. The highlight of the blog is definitely Skrillex Photoshopped as famous food world personalities such as Skrilla Deen and Skrillia Child. Fingers crossed that he doesn’t actually get a show where he drops beets instead of beats.

Click through the gallery above to see our favorite pictures of Skrillex cooking things. All photos courtesy of Cooking With Skrillex