Each week, we bring you a delicious Tumblr to feast your eyes on, and since it’s DGAF Friday, we figure there’s no better time to stare at an explosion of ridiculous cheeseburgers than right now. Yes, we brought you a burger-themed blog last week, but this one is different and awesome, so pay attention.

#BurgerLords is the devil-may-care, calories-and-good-sense-be-damned sister Tumblr of L.A.’s The Oinkster—a new-school fast-food joint focusing on the perfect burger. Here’s how it goes down: Brothers and co-owners Max and Fred invite users to submit burger pics from the restaurant—or any other favorite burger—to the their site, then collect the best posts on the Oinkster. But that overflow of patty-themed goodness has to go somewhere, right?

Cue #BurgerLords, a never-ending mecca for beef pilgrims who also enjoy GIFs of cascading cheese, dancing burger buns, and pets flying on burger-shaped dog beds. For true fans of the burger geniuses, there is even #BurgerLords/Oinkster paraphernalia available for purchase. Amidst the Tumblr collage of meats, buns, and cheeses, you’re sure to be hypnotized into a cheeseburger stupor in no time. We blame this food GIF.

Click through the gallery above and visit #BurgerLords to get initiated into the gang.

All photos via #BurgerLords