A hot dog by any name—wiener, sausage, tubesteak—is a glorious culinary staple, and an essential at any ball game or barbecue. That’s why we’ve devoted an entire week to hot dogs, exploring everything from the best regional dogs to chefs’ favorites. And it’s also why there exists, naturally, a Tumblr designed solely to celebrate the hot dog in all its sundry forms. It is called De La Saucisse, French for “of the sausage,” and it is quite wonderful.

The brainchild of Parisian graphic designer Lisa Christophel, De La Saucisse is an epic ode to meat in tubular form, covering everything from actual sausage dogs dressed up with fake mustard to bizarre wiener-inspired art. A woman with a serious eye for aesthetics, Christophel’s personal Tumblr is just as quirky as her cheeky collection of hot dog pictures, and De La Saucisse is probably the only corner of the Internet where you can find pictures of crocheted sausages and NSFW scenes of tubesteak eating in the same place. You will never look at hot dogs the same way again.

Click through the gallery above and follow De La Saucisse to expand your hot dog horizons. 

All photos courtesy of De La Saucisse.