Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield spent the past five months up at the international space station, which means he also spent five months of eating rehydrated food from packs. A man can only eat peanut butter and honey tortilla sandwiches for so long. But he got a treat this week: After mentioning that he missed food with texture and attitude, Jamie and Adam of Tested enlisted Momofuku chef David Chang to create a gourmet space-food fish special for Hadfield.

“David Chang’s Space Shrimp & Grits” was comprised of food already available at the space station—shrimp cocktail, cheesy grits and asparagus, Tabasco, and peanuts. (Chang: “This is sort of what my food looked like in cooking school.”)

Although Hadfield liked the recipe, the dish turned out “virtually impossible” to make in space, since the whole lack of gravity thing got in the way of combining all of the ingredients. Now that Hadfield is back on earth, our bets are on catching him at Momofuku’s Toronto outpost for some real David Chang food.

[via NPR and YouTube]