With all the dehydrated ice creams and flavored foams coming out of today’s avant-garden kitchen, sometimes haute cuisine and space food don’t seem that different in looks. But one area where they diverge pretty drastically is taste—surprise surprise, a meal on a NASA shuttle and dinner at Alinea aren’t so similar after all.

During a trip to the NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, chefs David Chang (Momofuku) and Traci Des Jardins (Jardinière) hit the food lab to taste some space grub, including tofu with hot mustard sauce crayfish étouffée. Eating the gruel out of a pouch, Chang wonders if it’s better suited for “space or prison.”

They also sample some dehydrated coffee, which gets slightly better reviews than the food. Chang makes the good point that on-the-go coffee pouches would be excellent for the morning commute.