CUPS, the New Jersey-based frozen yogurt chain that employs attractive women in tight fitting t-shirts, may or may not have taken its inspiration from Hooters. Given that the chain unabashedly features the slogan “frozen yogurt—that’s hot” on its website, and most of the chain’s buzz is about the well-endowed staff and the clubby music played in all 12 locations (including some in New York), we can see how customers have come to call it “The Hooters of froyo” (hopefully they all know the etiquette of breastaurants).

If you have yet to go down a career path that suits you, and you don’t mind being a huge sleazeball, you’ll be glad to know you can franchise the CUPS concept. Or, you could make your own Hooter’s spin-off. Here are some free ideas—turns out that it’s not that hard to make up ridiculous, euphemistic restaurant names based on foodstuffs/boobs. Just be sure to hire the right staff.

Restaurant Name: Rack
Concept: A barbecue joint with attractive women exclusively serving ribs.

Restaurant Name: Melons
Concept: A fruit salad bar featuring a myriad of melon varieties served by babes.

Restaurant Name: Torpedoes
Concept: A café run by a fleet of hotties that sell torpedo sandwiches (which is what people from New York and New Jersey sometimes call submarine sandwiches).

Restaurant Name: Muffins
Concept: What else but a shop where beautiful women sell all types of muffins—we’re talking everything from blueberry to lemon-poppyseed!

Restaurant Name: Breasts
Concept: A restaurant serving dishes made with only all-white chicken breast meat. The waitresses could be, well, you get it…

[via Business Insider]